الموظفين المؤهلين من ذوي الخبرة في الخدمات التي نقدمها مع رؤية لتوفير التشغيل الآمن وبيئة

العمل الآمنة، فقط استكشاف حولنا أكثر!

محطة الغبرة للطاقة والتحلية المدراء

مدرائنا ملتزمون بالعمل مع كل من العملاء والموظفين التابعين لهم للتحقيق الأمثل للرؤية والرسالة.



Eng. Zahir Khamis Al-Bahri is current CEO of Ghubrah Power & Desalination Co. Prior to joining GPDCo, he was the CEO for Wadi Al Jizzi Power Co. since 2008 due to major restructuring that occurred in the sector. Owing to his business acumen and wise leadership, WAJPCo has achieved numerous successes and accolades in various areas of the company’s activities.

One of his most remarkable achievements is to head and lead an ALL Omani team members to conduct major maintenance works in gas turbines which is considered major feat in the power generation field in Oman and the region. Eng. Zahir Al Bahri placed high importance in the learning and development of the Omani nationals through provision of various specialized trainings, seminars and conferences in order to ensure that Omani staff to has a better chance to take higher positions in the organization.

He is one of Board member of Musandam Power SAOC since 2014 and playing crucial role in bringing the vision and mission of the company into fruition.

In 1992, Eng. Zahir graduated and obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineer from Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) and immediately joined the Ministry of Electricity and Water as a Project Engineer of desalination plant. In 1995, he was promoted as the Head Section in water desalination plants due to his continuing desire to advance his knowledge and skills by actively developing his career path by doing different challenging roles and tasks related to power and water. Eng. Zahir Al Bahri gained his Master’s degree with specialization Desalination Technology from Glasgow University while continuously working in the power and water sector.

During his earlier working career, he has participated and contributed in establishment of Desalination Research Center at Sultan Qaboos University while also working and collaborating with several researches in desalination technology.

He gained recognitions and distinctions through sound leadership and quality work which resulted to his promotion on 2001 as the Head Section in Desalination at Ghubrah Power Station (Electricity Directorate); and in 2002, as the new Director of Power and Desalination Production (all Oman northern production of electricity and water supplies); and in 2004, he played an important role in combining 4 companies in the Power and Water Sector and was chosen to be the Deputy General Manager to lead the successful transition of changes in the company’s commercial operations.

Also, he attended various learning and development programs in different fields which lead to receiving international awards and certifications from reputable institutions as Certificates in Business Executive Programs, Certificate on High Performance Leadership Program (HPL) from the Institute for Management Development (IMD) Switzerland and the Blue Ocean Strategy Programme conducted by INSEAD to name a few.

In 2006, Eng. Zahir was selected to become the General Manager of 3 Major Power and Water companies due to his strong drive to lead the companies toward high financial and technical achievements records that resulted in total privatization of one company to private sector. He is an active member of several Electricity and Water Committees for Gulf Corporation Countries (GCC), while also representing main and subcommittees related to Ministry of Housing Electricity and Water, and Ministry of Electricity and Water earlier by dealing with related GCC Power and Desalination Plants, including researches and developments.

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