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Hello and a warm welcome to the HR&SS department. It is my pleasure to introduce you to our department’s philosophy, vision and strategies.


Our philosophy in HR&SS is enriching employees – our main customers – while meeting business objectives through providing quality services in order to ensure improvement in productivity, competences and logistics of the company.


Our vision is to become a first class service provider through a proper management of HR, Admin, IT, logistics operations. Our intent is to foster engagement and connections among employees, as well as implementing and adhering to company’s policies and procedures.


The department is stream-lined by five main strategies:

  • Developing the human resources for the company in line with the company’s manpower requirements as outlined in the business plan. Initiate interventions and policies to promote the overall efficiency of the employees and meet the sector and government laws standards.

  • Developing the IT strategy for the company based on the information and communication need of the business and locations. Ensure that the company is utilizing the right information systems to become a more efficient company.

  • Ensure proper implementation of approved policies related to general employee administrative services covering office administration, transportation, and accommodation and recreation center.

  • Monitor the procurement of materials required for various departments and ensure there is timely availability of the materials as per the requirements.

  • Developing methods to ensure proper and effective implementation of established inventory/store policies, storage, procedures and control of materials.


GPDC has developed a robust competitive compensation and pay structure . The a adopted compensation pay philosophy is the company's commitment to how it values employees. A consistent pay philosophy gives GPDC and the employee a frame of reference when discussing salary in a negotiation.

The goal of a pay philosophy is to motivate, reward and provide them with an appropriate employee value proposition. This is done through:

  • Acknowledge performance and contribution: The reward program must consistently and continuously acknowledge individual performance in order to enhance employee motivation and encourage better performance

  • Cross functional collaboration: The reward plan must encourage employees to work in teams

  • Cost effective (value for money): The reward plan should be cost effective and ensure good value for money

  • Better pay for higher qualification: It should be able to attract and retain employees with higher qualification so that teams can be built around them.


GPDCo, being a subsidiary of EHC, believes that Omanisation is the main catalyst for future growth of the business in Oman. Over the years, the company has steadily developed its National talent with a view to ensure that employees are groomed to take up major business responsibilities, especially in the present changing environment. Our current Omanisation percentage rate is 68% (see figure below), but this rate is expected to be increased in the next couple of years.

Our approach to Omanisation is based on the following strategies:

  • Investing through the implantation of modern HR projects, which has been projected by EHC across the sector, to ensure skill building and talent development of potential Omani employees. Projects like, ‘Integrated Talent Management Framework’, ‘HRMIS’, and ‘Ruwad’ projects which will help to secure the development of Nationals.

  • Cross training and multi-functional training provided for core Omani employees in order to ensure multi-skilling in various sections of the Plant.

  • Providing various ways of trainings ranging from on-job-training, in–house training, classroom training and overseas training opportunities.

  • Scholarship is also granted to selected potential employees to continue their specialized diploma and degrees.

  • Implementing a proper Performance Management System that ensures a non-bias evaluation for employees, be it Omanis or Expatriates. Also the system will help to secure a justifiable and transparent promotion process, and identify training needs, especially for Omanis.

GPDCO Employees

68% Omani
32% NON-Omani


Ongoing staff training and development is crucial to improve business performance and meet the company’s targets. The HR section is currently working on the implementation of current training plan, and making new training plan for next years. Variety of training programs are given to employees to develop their skills and knowledge required in safety, technical, communication, managerial etc. Examples of training programs are short courses, workshops, study assistance academic program, on job training, English courses. Continuously some students from colleges are trained for internship in different specialization within the company.

The HR Department is currently working on a yearly training calendar that will be distributed to all line managers as well as employees to have them informed well in advance with all training events that will be taking place during the year.

The following table details training course provided to the employees

  • Academic Program

  • In-house Courses

  • On Job Training

  • Public Courses and Conferences in Oman

  • Abroad Courses and Conferences

  • Internship for College Students


  • Successful transfer of 163 staff from contractor to Company

  • Approved HR Manual

  • Approved pay structure

  • Approved Disciplinary procedures by the ministry of manpower

  • Reward and recognition procedures

  • Approved Vehicles policy

  • Approved part-time academic policy

  • Approved Accommodation policy


Our policy exceeds commitments at work and business and we enjoy the beauty of life. Our main objectives in this regard are the followings:

  • Eliminate “we and “them

  • Be one family

  • Arranging social employee gathering, e.g. picnics, annual parties, daily ramadan Iftars and many more.

  • Open informal channel of communication

  • Sharing problems, dreams and wishes

To achieve the most of social life, the company supported the initiative of having GPDC own recreation facilities. The ultimate goal is to have a full fledged recreation facility that allows all staff to practise their most favourable hobbies. The first stage of having a football green pitch is almost in the last stages.