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The main duty of Operation department is to monitor the plant equipment by maintaining 3 controls rooms & lab for 24 hours , to insure the productivity of power generation and water desalination with high performance.

Operation department consists of 3 sections as per the organization chart indicated below:

Role and Responsibility
  • The main duty of Operation department is to operate , Monitor and maintain all Generation Units & Desalination Units and their auxiliaries safe efficient ,economic at high availability and reliability manner.

  • To carry out unit performance in order to ensure that to meet the company objective for all units.

  • To carry out demonstration capacity test with OPWP for Generation units such as gas turbine ,steam turbine and desalination unit as will.

  • To calculate power plant efficiency for all main units such as Boiler, Gas turbine, Stream turbines, and Desalination Units.

  • To Monitor and control chemical parameters in boilers, desalination and drinking water as well as per standard.

  • To operate and generate carbon dioxide plant, water treatment plant.